That small, old restaurant took me back to the good old days

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I found a really nostalgic restaurant in Kagurazaka, Tokyo.

That small, old restaurant was not outstanding in appearance, and the restaurant’s name wasn’t even displayed.

Only some old plastic food models in a showcase showed that the building was a restaurant.

I entered the restaurant.

There were no customers except me, and an old couple managed the restaurant.

I intuitively recognized that this restaurant was a good old restaurant.

I became quiet happy.

Though Tokyo is full of various restaurants, this kind of restaurant is an “Endangered Species”.

I sat and looked at the menu.

Their menu was extensive, and it includee grilled fish, Yakisoba, Ramen, Udon, Soba, Japanese curry, and more.

In addition, the snack menu was substantial.

I ordered “Char-siu Ramen”.

Char-siu is sliced grilled pork.

Their Ramen was a  typical good old Ramen. That was my favorite Ramen.

The sauce had a simple soy sauce flavor, and the noodles were medium-thick.

Some Char-siu, bamboo shoots, seaweed, field peas, and Naruto were used as a topping.

Their Ramen was surprisingly typical of the Ramen from the Showa era.

It was stereotyped and had no individuality, but it was so delicious.

Today, Ramen is popular in Japan.

Ramen now has a strong taste, and it is greasy. 

I do not like this Ramen.

My favorite, good old Ramen has increasingly disappeared.

So I was happy to eat their Ramen.

Next time I go to this restaurant, I will try other food. Everything that they cook must be delicious.

Furthermore, I liked the restaurant’s atmosphere. It took me back to the good old days.

This restaurant is close to the Yarai Noh Theater.

So I will eat at this restaurant when I want to appreciate a Noh play.

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