The beautiful sushi of June, 2021

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The rainy season has begun in Tokyo.

I went to a Japanese restaurant called, Yachiyo to savor authentic sushi, the same as last month.

This sophisticated restaurant is located on the second floor of Tokyo Kaikan.

There is much traffic in this area, but there is no signboard for the restaurant on the outside of the building.

So Yachiyo is a little-known but good place.

If you want to savor authentic sushi in a quiet and calm atmosphere, I recommended this restaurant.

A sushi chef made 14 sushi for me.

I’ll introduce three sushi from among them that made a lasting impression upon me.

The first sushi was Aji (horse mackerel).

Aji is rich in nutrition, and early summer is the best time to eat it.

The Aji that I ate was very good.

The thick-cut Aji had a rich taste.

After putting it in my mouth, the fresh flavor of grated ginger spread and reached my nose.

The seasonal Aji made me feel that the summer had come.

The second sushi was Hokkigai (surf clam).

It was not only delicious but also beautiful.

Its beautiful purple gradation looked very Japanese. It made me imagine poetic, Japanese aristocratic life over 1,300 years ago.

The third sushi was Kohada (Japanese shad).

I think that Kohada represents authentic sushi.

But there might be a lot of modern Japanese people who don’t know Kohada.

For them, sushi means tuna.

Kohada is beautiful.

Its silver fish skin has indigo dots. It looks like a traditional Japanese pattern, so it always makes me imagine the Edo period.

The Kohada that I ate was wonderful.

It was so refreshing. Both salinity and acidity blended together in my mouth.

I think that Kohada is stylish, smart sushi. In other words, it is “Inase”.

Inase was a distinct sense of beauty in the Edo period.

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