The beautiful sushi of May, 2021

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Tokyo Kaikan is a sophisticated meeting place that faces the outer garden of the Imperial Palace.

Tokyo Kaikan was built in 1920, and it had a refurbishment three years ago.

Today, Tokyo Kaikan is known as a place for celebrated award ceremonies.

There is a Japanese restaurant called, Yachiyo on the second floor.

I went to there to savor authentic sushi on that day.

That restaurant had a great atmosphere.

At first, a sushi chef showed me some raw fish as one of the ingredients for sushi.

I was excited to see those beautiful ingredients.

The sushi chef made 13 sushi for me.

Each sushi was wonderful.

Among them, three sushi impressed me.

The first sushi was Kochi (flathead).

It is said that Kochi tastes the best in summer.

So I felt that summer was just around the corner when I put it into my mouth.

A chewy texture and slight sweetness are the characteristics of Kochi.

For your information, a mix of red vinegar and white vinegar was used in the vinegared rice prepared by this restaurant.

The second sushi was Tairagi (pen shell).

Its taste was similar to a scallop, but Tairagi had a slightly bitter taste.

Tairagi was roasted lightly in order to bring out its more savory flavors.

It was wonderful.

The third sushi was Otoro (fatty tuna).

The sushi chef roasted Otoro over a charcoal fire, and it looked like grilled Japanese black beef.

The taste of this fatty Otoro became refreshing through roasting.

I originally didn’t like Otoro because it is so fatty.

But roasted Otoro didn’t make me feel fatty. It was delicious.

Besides these, I savored some sushi.

I always order Anago (conger eel) whenever I visit an authentic sushi restaurant.

For me, Anago is my favorite out of all sushi. Their Anago surpassed my expectations.

I really like this restaurant.

I may go again next month.

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