The cherry blossoms in Yoshino made me think about various things

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On that day, I visited Yoshino to sightsee early in the morning.

It was my first time visiting there.

Yoshino is on a ridge of the Omine Mountains, in Nara Prefecture, and it has been famous for its cherry blossoms from ancient times.

About 30,000 cherry blossoms are the symbol of Yoshino.

Besides that, Yoshino had been the historically and religiously important since before the middle ages in Japan.

Some historical shrines and temples in Yoshino show that.

When I visited Yoshino, the cherry blossoms had already started to fall, or many of them had new green leaves.

I thought of some historical people who relate to Yoshino, such as MINAMOTO no Yoshitsune, Masatsura Kusunoki, and Emperor Godaigo.

Though they lived in a different era, they have one major thing in common.

It is that they eventually died a premature death.

I think that they must had been projected their vicissitudes of life deeply into the falling cherry blossoms when they stayed in Yoshino.

The cherry blossoms are beautiful, but they only bloom for a short time.

I cannot help but thinking that nothing is permanent.

Life is the same as the cherry blossoms.

I was walking alone in the fluttering petals while thinking about such a thing.

The cherry blossoms in Yoshino made me think about various things.

I felt that I realized the reason why many Waka(Japanese poems) were created in Yoshino.

The beauty of the cherry blossoms in Yoshino really touched me so deeply.

So I think that ancient Waka poets could not help but express their feelings towards the beautiful cherry blossoms.

They must have been more sensitive than we modern Japanese.

I was looking at the same cherry blossoms as the ancient Waka poets in Yoshino.

It was so impressive, and I felt a lot of different emotions coming in waves.

I’m glad I could go to Yoshino.

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