“A Garden of the Camellias” suggests that authentic happiness can be found in our ordinary lives

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For me, watching movies gives me a chance to have some fun.

But I often find very thought-provoking movies.

“A Garden of the Camellias” is just that.

It is a Japanese drama that is set in today’s Japan.

It was an opportunity for me to reflect on my life unexpectedly.

An old lady lived with her granddaughter in an old Japanese house.

The old lady had just lost her husband of many years.

She and her granddaughter had to leave their house full of memories ten months later because she could not pay the heavy inheritance tax.

This is the summary of the movie.

Their house was on a hill where the sea was visible.

Its natural garden had lush greenery.

A variety of beautiful flowers bloom in the garden depending on the seasons.

Those images of realism were so beautiful.

I was deeply impressed by the affectionate camerawork.

It is one of the appeals of this movie.

An old actress who played the leading role always wore a Kimono.

Her appearance and behavior were so sophisticated.

The camera often filmed her and her surroundings from a ‘one step back’ point of view.

Because of that, various scenes in the movie looked like beautiful photos.

If you see this movie, you will understand the beautiful Japanese lives visually.

After I finished watching this movie, I felt a sense of loss. 

When the people close to me passed away, I had similar feelings.

Unfortunately, we tend to realize how happy something makes us feel after we lose it.

This beautiful movie suggests that authentic happiness can be found in our ordinary lives.

“A Garden of the Camellias” does not seem to be popular now.

Only a few theaters are playing it, and when I went to a theater, there were not many people there.

However, I’m sure that this movie is a masterpiece.

I especially want many Japanese people to see it.

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