The beautiful sushi of March, 2021

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Though I have always written about the authentic sushi that I ate every month, I didn’t write anything in February.

There was a reason for that.

My favorite sushi restaurant, where I go every month, has been closed temporarily since the declaration of the COVID-19 emergency.

So I tried to go the other sushi restaurant.

Unfortunately, their sushi didn’t taste that good, and I didn’t want to write about that.

Now, March has come.

My favorite sushi restaurant is still been closed.

This time, I discovered a sushi restaurant called, “Aoyama Fukue” in Shibuya.

Their sushi was great, so I’ll introduce some information about their sushi.

As I passed through the white shop curtain, which hung outside the entrance, i saw that there was only a U-sharped sushi counter.

There was a beautiful, Japanese atmosphere in this small restaurant.

A young sushi chef welcomed me warmly.

At that time, I realized that this sushi restaurant must be great.

The appetizer was a wild plant called, Udo. Udo is a sign of spring.

It was seasoned only with salt.

I enjoyed that refreshing taste.

On that day, I ordered two types of Spanish wine.

They were Chardonnay and Pinot Noir of MUSSO DE CASARO.

I ate 13 sushi, and all of them are great.

But actually, what impressed me most was Kasugo(young sea bream).

Kasugo makes me think about the coming of spring. 

Its cherry-pink color is like the cherry blossom, so Kasugo is known as an emblematic fish of spring.

The Kasugo that I ate had been sandwiched between pieces of kelp for a few days to transfer its good flavor.

This cooking method is called, “Kobujime”.

Additionally, kelp absorbs water in fish meat. Because of that, fish meat becomes comfortably firm.

I have admired Kasugo, which is suggestive of the cherry blossoms, for a while.

After that, I savored it from the bottom of my heart.

I felt that spring had come.

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