There were more wonderful eating establishments on Hachijo Island than I had excepted

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Hachijo Island is a remote island which is about 180 miles south of Tokyo.

That small island belongs to Tokyo.

It takes about 45 minutes to fly there from Haneda Airport.

By ferry, it takes about 11 hours from Takeshiba Passenger Terminal.

The island is filled with rich, beautiful nature.

Of course, people live there, and it has a population of about 7,000.

A while ago, I spent a few days on Hachijo Island.

I really like this sleepy, beautiful island.

In Particular, the cuisine of the island was awesome.

So, I’ll introduce six wonderful local dishes that I ate.

The first dish was assorted Sashimi from a small Japanese bar, called, “Uohachi-tei”.

Fresh local seafood is one of the appeals of Hachijo Island.

This small restaurant serves really fresh and delicious Sashimi.

The fish that is used for Sashimi differs depending on the day.

The second dish was authentic sushi from a small sushi restaurant called, “Asoko-sushi”.

Their sushi is comparable to the excellent sushi restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo.

However, it is inexpensive.

The sushi chef may look like a difficult man, but he is so kind.

The third local dish was Ashitaba ramen.

A ramen shop called, “Syuchi-nikurin” serves special ramen that uses Ashitaba.

Ashitaba is a herb that grows on Hachijo Island, and it is one local specialty.

Ashitaba is often used as an ingredient in Tempura, or it is used as tea leaves.

This ramen shop is unique. They use Ashitaba in their noodles.

The noodles colored with green have a light herbal taste.

Their ramen soup is also unique.

Its soup consists of a pork bone broth and a seafood broth.

The Ashitaba ramen tasted really amazing.

The fourth local dish was Sashimi Chazuke (some sashimi on rice with soup poured over the top) from Hachijo View Hotel.

Some sliced whitefish were on top of the rice.

The soup consists of a broth made of flying fish and the tea made from Asitaba.

Asitaba is used in various dishes in Hachijo Island.

The fifth local dish was passionfruit-flavored ice cream from a small cafe called, “Tomijiro”.

Passionfruit is also a local specialty.

Orange-colored passionfruit sauce was on some soft ice cream. It tasted like mango, and it was very good.

By the way, I bought some passionfruit juice at a local liquor shop, and I drank it mixed with soda after soaking in the hot spring.

It was very good.

The fifth local dish was “Shimazushi”.

I had heard that local sushi called, “Shimazushi” was delicious, but I had never tried it.

So I was heading to a local cuisine restaurant called, “Ryouzanpaku”.

The shimazushi was sushi that had been soaked in soy sauce.

I ate four types of shimazushi.

They were tuna, blackfish, red sea bream, and seaweed.

After that, I found a little rare dish on the menu.

The sixth local dish was a stewed sea turtle.

I had never tried sea turtle.

Its taste was like Suppon (soft-shelled turtle), and it had plenty of collagen.

That was unexpectedly delicious.

Besides this, I enjoyed some local dishes.

There were more wonderful eating establishments on Hachijo Island than I had excepted.

That small island was breathtakingly beautiful, and there were some hot springs.

In addition, the local cuisine tasted very good.

I enjoyed the blissful feeling for the first time in a long time.

I’d love to go again.

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