I pre-ordered and bought an interesting Beaujolais Nouveau.

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Beaujolais Nouveau has been released.

I look forward to drinking Beaujolais Nouveau every year.

This year, I pre-ordered and bought an interesting Beaujolais Nouveau.

It is made by a Japanese wine maker “Junko Arai”.

I didn’t know that a Japanese winemaker is making French wine.

So I was interested in her small quantity of wine.

This is “Beaujolais Villages Nouveau 2020, LE PONT DU DIABLE”.

The wine label is so charming.

A sweet demoness wearing high-heeled shoes is drinking wine.

“LE PONTE DU DIABLE” is the name of a vineyard, and this sweet demoness seems to mean DIABLE.

I pulled out a cork from a bottle with my Waiter’s Corkscrew that is made by ATHRO.

I really like this moment.

And then, I poured some wine into my wine glass.

This time, I chose a Burgundy glass from among my various wine glasses. It was made by ZWIESEL.

The color of the wine was beautiful; it was like a garnet.

When I shook it gently in a circular motion, I found that this wine had a floral aroma.

After that I took a sip of wine.

This Beaujolais Nouveau was fresh, supple and fruity with a balanced acidity.

I think Sukiyaki goes very well with this red wine.

Tannic red wine doesn’t make me feel greasy with beef.

This combination is refreshing and it has a rich taste.

Moreover, I used this wine as a secret ingredient in Sukiyaki.

It is my little ingenuity.

I enjoyed Beaujolais Nouveau this way this year too.

Though I drink wine all year round, Beaujolais Nouveau is an autumn trend for me.

As a little side note, it is fun for me to taste and compare Beaujolais Nouveau with matured Beaujolais wine like the “Marcel Lapierre Morgon”.

Next year, I will buy her wine again.

I really like it.

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