I believe that my GLENROYAL money clip will become more tasteful as it ages

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I had cherished my ETTINGER folded wallet for 12 years. 

It was made with smooth black leather on the outside and purple leather on the inside.

I really liked it.

Though it was a wonderful wallet, I stopped using it.

Nowadays, I’m losing the opportunity to use banknotes and coins with society moving towards cashless payments.

Actually, I usually don’t have any banknotes or coins.

There are only credit cards in my wallet.

So I came to feel that my wallet was bulky.

On this occasion, I found an alternative product for my wallet.

It is a GLENROYAL money clip that I’m using now.

This is exactly the thing I wanted.

The money clip reminds me of a metal clip like the one James Bond used.

As you can see, this money clip looks like a folded leather wallet.

It has four credit card pockets and one magnet clip. It’s very thin.

In addition, I was interested in the bridle leather that was used to make it.

This is because I felt I would enjoy the aging of the leather as I use it.

The ETTINGER wallet that I’d been using was not only beautiful but also durable.

But I didn’t think it was suitable for enjoying the aging of the leather.

I felt that its calf leather was coated with some chemical dyes to keep the surface glossy.

Because of that, I didn’t enjoy the aging of the leather as much as I had expected.

On the other hand, There are no chemical dyes used in the bridle leather of the GLENROYAL money clip.

It is the best condition for enjoying the aging of the leather.

Before I bought the GLENROYAL money clip, I looked at some other money clips including Japanese brands, and I considered them.

Consequently, GLENROYAL was the most suitable one for me.

The deciding factors were functionality, leather quality, and thinness.

In particular, I placed emphasis on their bridle leather.

I’m looking forward to the next ten years.

I believe that my money clip will become more tasteful as it ages.

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