Shino leaves me with a feminine impression

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Shino is a kind of Japanese pottery.

The contrast between the white glaze and the scarlet skin of pottery is characteristic of Shino.

The mixed white and scarlet looks light pink.

Shino has a complicated, beautiful hue.

Now, I’m drinking sencha tea with a Japanese tea cup called, Yunomi.

This is Shino.

Some flowers are painted on using ferrous pigment.

The pale white color of the glaze makes me feel warm and affectionate.

The scarlet color that is hiding in the white glaze makes me imagine a romance.

Shino leaves me with a feminine impression.

The attractive scarlet color of Shino is not due to the coloring material.

It naturally appears after being baked in a kiln. 

In other words, a mineral in the pottery clay causes it to depelop the scarlet color.

The potter brings out the beautiful scarlet color through trial and error.

All Japanese pottery including Shino, is similar to Japanese cuisine.

A Japanese potter focuses on making the most of natural materials.

A Japanese chef focuses on making the most of natural ingredients.

Both of them place great emphasis on natural blessing.

I think this is the Japanese sensitivity.

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