The Edo Style Broom is useful and beautiful

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The broom is an essential home cleaning tool for me.

Many families in Japan mainly use the vacuum cleaner for cleaning their house.

In contrast, I almost never use the vacuum cleaner.

I think that the vacuum cleaner is an exaggerated tool.

Even just having the broom and the dustpan would be enough for my home cleaning.

Not to brag, but my broom is a very fine article.

My broom is called an “Edo Style Broom” and it is a traditional Japanese handcraft.

I found this very fine broom at a long established broom shop “Shirokiya Denbe” in Tokyo.

This shop continues to make good old brooms today, and those blooms have been used since the Edo period.

Edo Style Brooms are made of domestic broom corn.

Broom corn is an industrial crop and its ear is used as the head of the Edo Style Broom.

Its ear has elasticity and softness, so an Edo Style Broom is comfortable to use.

An Edo Style  Broom lasts a long time.

The head of the broom wears away from rubbing in about five years so, in that case, you just need to cut the worn part away evenly.

By repeating this procedure, an Edo Style Broom will last more than 10 years.

An Edo Style Broom is an all-natural product.

The head of the broom is broom corn, the broomstick is bamboo.

When it can’t be used anymore, you can burn it as fuel. 

There is no waste in this product’s life cycle.

The design of the Edo Style Broom is so beautiful.

This hand-knitted broom has Japanese beauty.

But I think that this design has a Northern European feel too.

It is an attractive design.

The Edo Style Broom is useful and beautiful and it is not a thing that is behind the times.

Whenever I use Japanese traditional handcrafts, I feel comfortable.

This is because I can realize the feeling of unity with the long tradition of Japan.

Thanks to that, I can hold on to a modest feeling.

So my Edo Style Broom cleans my mind so it is more than just a tool for cleaning the house.

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