The sound of Furin makes me feel elegant and tasteful

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Summer in Japan is really hot and humid.

The average temperature during summer has gone up in Japan.

If I can’t stand the summer heart, I turn on the air conditioner.

By the way, in the past, the air conditioner and the electric fan didn’t exist.

Ancient Japan must have been hot in summer but, not so hot as today.

Japanese people in old times survived the hot summer in various ways.

The glass wind-chime “Furin” is one of them.

A Furin jingles in the wind.

Its sound helps people feel cool.

Furin have gained popularity since the late Edo period.

People hung Furin in an airy place and enjoyed its cool sound.

Today, in most case, Furin are manufactured by a production machine.

But my Furin is a traditional Japanese handcraft. I’m going to introduce it.

One characteristic of my Furin is two cute goldfish drawn on the glass by hand.

It looks like they are swimming in the water.

It looks so cool.

Having goldfish became popular with people with generations of people in the Edo period.

They enjoyed seeing goldfish swimming and it distracted them from the summer heat.

The goldfish symbolized coolness.

I think the cool sound of Furin and goldfish are a good pairing.

I bought this Furin at Shinohara Furin Honpo in Tokyo.

This is a traditional Furin maker with a long history.

If you want Furin, I recommend this maker.

They make wonderful Furin in the traditional manufacturing method, but their Furin is not as expensive as you think.

The pictures drawn on Furin are many and various.

Morning glory blossom, iris, fireworks, dragonfly, and so on.

These are part of the Japanese summer tradition.

Of course, all of these are hand-painted.

I’m going to buy another one, I can’t make up my mind. Everything looks very good!

I think Japanese people in old times were elegant and tasteful and they found coolness in the sound of glass wind-chime as they prepared for the summer heat.

The air conditioner is so useful but I often don’t stop to turn it off, and I open the window.

Furin jingles in the gentle wind.

The sound of Furin makes me feel elegant and tasteful. Its sound is really cool.

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